About Us

Who is behind myBuddy?

My name is Teresa and I founded myBuddy 10 years ago! It all started when I was looking for a suitable dog jacket for my little Merlin in the fall. But after endless searching and trying, I simply couldn't find a jacket that I was satisfied with.

Since I had a sewing machine at home and had already designed some clothes for myself, I thought to myself, why shouldn't I take matters into my own hands? So I did! After a lot of tinkering, I created the perfect jacket for my furry friend and not only did I love it, but he did too.

But the creation of myBuddy didn't come until later. Gradually, my friends became aware of this jacket and wanted one for their dog too. Then one thing led to another and I founded myBuddy.

I am proud to already count over 35,000 people among my satisfied customers and I am happy that this journey will continue for a long time to come.

I hope you will also be happy with my products!

Teresa und Merlin